Equipment Hand-Out & Final Registration

Sunday, July 20th: 1:00pm - 3:00pm at Milky Way Park

Note: No equipment will be issued to players prior to 1:00pm.

Note that you can still register your child for FOOTBALL that day.

Football Practice Update

Practices are from 5:00pm - 7:00pm beginning Monday, July 21st.

Bantamweights (BWs) practice Monday thru Thursday each week (until first game).

Lightweights (LWs), Middleweights (MWs), and Heavyweights (HWs) practice Monday thru Friday each week (until first game).

Beginning with week two of practice, we will have "team" breakdowns on Wednesday nights from 7:00pm - 7:15pm.

Saturday practices will be scheduled individually by each level's head coach.

Per IHSA Rules: An athlete's first two attended practices must be in HELMET, "FORMED" MOUTHPIECE, PRACTICE JERSEY, and SHORTS. The next three attended practices must be in HELMET, "FORMED" MOUTHPIECE, SHOULDER PADS, PRACTICE JERSEY, and SHORTS. After a player has attended 5 practices, they may go to "full" gear.

Players need to bring their own water to practice each night. Coaches will give plenty of water breaks (more during extreme heat).

Note that athletic shoes with cleats are recommended but not required. Metal cleats are NOT allowed. We do have some cleats that have been "handed down" to us that we can make available depending on needs.

* It is strongly encouraged by the HJT board and coaches that parents purchase an athletic supporter and cup for players. *


2013 Lightweight Super Bowl Champs!

2013 Lightweight Super Bowl Champs!

2013 Lightweight Super Bowl Champs!

Board Members

President - Bruce Fiegel
Vice President - Joe Dacy
Secretary - Lynette Fiegel
Treasurer - Bob Burkart
Concessions - Randi Barth & Kahla Krasinski
Heavyweight - Tom Lehman
Middleweight - Chris Stanley
Lightweight - Bruce Fiegel
Cheerleading Director - Kim Lamz